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Defining Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Central to the concept of RPO is the examination and enhancement of Makeebo Associates Ltd to take ownership for all or a discrete part of an organisation's recruitment process, and take full responsibility for enhancing the output
  • RPO is more than simply changing who is operating the recruitment function, and it delivers significant benefit when compared to traditional managed service
  • RPO involves a comprehensive re-engineering of recruitment and resourcing within an organisation Transformational RPO asks much more of a provider than simply the skills to manage the recruitment activity It requires well-honed consulting practices, close teamwork, and business-driven outsourcing expertise

Organisations that partner with RPO specialists can realise a range of significant and sustained business benefits, all of which can be measured

  • This proposal is about delegating the ownership, administration, and operation of a process to a specialist third party in order to solve a business problem This is about delivering outcomes, that is, higher performing business processes, it aims to raise a client company’s shareholder value
  • Business processes within a company essentially break down into three categories: core; critical non-core; and finally non-core, non-critical No one would suggest outsourcing core processes These processes are the very essence of your business and the area that requires the most investment However non-core and non-critical processes are ideal for outsourcing to Makeebo who will invest in them on the company’s behalf This allows a company to concentrate on their efforts on their key competencies, while letting the Makeebo experts concentrate on implementing complex business processes


  • Stage One: Governance, Policy, Decision Making, and Strategy
    The first of the stages is governance, policy, decision making, and strategy. This is where the company retains control of its recruitment, by deciding how many hires are required and at what level and salary, for example. We will be able to offer advice on these matters but ultimately these kinds of decision must remain in-house
  • Stage Two: Process Design
    The next stage is process design including best practices, innovation, and process reengineering where necessary. In recruitment, this is where you decide how many steps your recruitment process will involve. This stage is essentially collaborative It is at these two stages that the company retains its control over its own recruitment function After this Makeebo Associates takes over day-to-day responsibility
  • Stages Three: Process Development
    Stage three is administration and execution: reviewing CVs, establishing shortlists, and interviewing candidates.

Makeebo will be assigned as your specialist, taking on non-core business processes—but giving the company a greater degree of visibility. We will work with your brand, and become part of your team and company.


  • You can expect to see a significant return on your investment. Early adopters of the Makeebo Business Process Model have impressive figures that fully justify their decision to outsource or insource their recruitment business processes
  • We will create positive relationship between the Recruitment Manager, the HR Manager and the Management/ Board.
  • The opportunity to prove its worth is certainly there: Investment in people has become an increasingly important issue

A recent survey carried out by Deloitte and Touché interviewed 70 pairs of HR Directors and CEO's and showed that this issue is now ranked only second behind having an effective overall business strategy in the companies list of priorities

43 percent of all HR directors felt that recruiting new talent was an issue on which they delivered very effectively; only 28 percent of what their CEOs agreed with them

By deploying Makeebo you can start to make a improvement on these statistics, IMMEDIATELY

  • The good news is that while outsourcing reveals the real costs of recruitment, it can then reduce them.
  • It can streamline the recruitment process, making the recruitment function a leaner, more flexible machine that can swiftly respond to changes in demand.
  • And most of all, it enables the recruitment function to become the effective, strategic, value added hero that the board demands it to be.

Our clients measure our service by successfully recruiting the right candidates through our efforts and tenacity.

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Why work with us?

  • You can expect an outstanding calibre of candidates matched specifically to your needs
  • We will be ambassadors for your organisation
  • Utilising out extensive recruitment experience, we will consult with you and provide you with a realistic overview of the recruitment marketplace
  • We deliver on our promises
  • We will provide up to date salary surveys, advice on staff retention and redeployment, assessment days etc. For more information please go to the client page

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Why register with us?

  • We will offer unique opportunities tailored specifically to your needs
  • You will receive a highly consultative approach, utilising our valuable knowledge of the market place
  • 360 degree support advice when you need it
  • We will guarantee to find you your perfect job through our commitment to listening to you and our superb matching ability
  • 100% confidentiality.. we will never send your CV without your permission
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