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Interview Tips


  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early
  • Have a lot of questions prepared
  • Maintain good eye contact and posture
  • Greet with a firm hand shake
  • Always ask what type of person they are looking for and mirror these requirements to your experience and personality
  • Listen carefully to each question and give a direct answer relevant to the question and where applicable, back up you answer with examples
  • Be positive about previous employers
  • Ask for feedback on your interview during the interview
  • Close the interview by asking for a second interview or for the job

Step One

Preparation for the interview

Find out about both the company and the job.

The employer will be impressed if you have done your research and have a good understanding of the following topics:

  • What do they sell/ manufacture/ offer as a business
  • What sort of customers do they have
  • What type of organisation they are?
  • Financial information - for example; profits/ turnover
  • How you can best sell your skills to match the job as closely as possible
  • Company history

Step 2


You must be prepared both for questions you are likely to be asked, and questions to ask for the interview:

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Reasons for leaving past companies
  • Salary information
  • Why you think you are the right person
  • Why you want to work for the company
  • Questions around "job-hopping" if applicable
  • Why should I employ you?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Do you have any questions?

Step 3:

Plan your journey

Turning up late to an interview is a big no-no and will set the interview off on a negative tone

Ensure that you have a route planned out, train times and any changes that may occur to your journey last minute

Step 4:

What to wear

Regardless of what role you are interviewing for you should ALWAYS look you best.

For men:

  • Matching trouser and jacket suit is highly recommended
  • Ironed and clean shirt and tie
  • Polished shoes

For ladies:

  • Matching shirt and skirt or
  • Matching shirt and trouser
  • Polished, closed top, shoes

Tips: Always ensure that you cover any visible tattoos and remove unnecessary jewellery

Step 5:

What to take with you

  • Always take a clean, crisp copy of your CV
  • A meeting folder or notebook can be useful for you to have your questions written down or write notes for yourself
  • Your brag file. This may consist of testimonials, employer references, league tables, P60s, payslips etc

Hot Candidates

Ref: SL/23230

Reseller Sales Specialist. Billing excess of 25k GP

Ref: W1/24930

IT Solutions Sales Specialist, Billing in excess of 810k per month

Ref: L2/23232

FX Sales Specialist, billing excess of 50k per month

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Media Sales, billing excess of 34k per month

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Financial Recruitment, billing 25k per month

Why work with us?

  • You can expect an outstanding calibre of candidates matched specifically to your needs
  • We will be ambassadors for your organisation
  • Utilising out extensive recruitment experience, we will consult with you and provide you with a realistic overview of the recruitment marketplace
  • We deliver on our promises
  • We will provide up to date salary surveys, advice on staff retention and redeployment, assessment days etc. For more information please go to the client page

Hot Jobs

Senior Account Manager - Reseller

The best reseller in UK! Opportunity to earn big money, go to the best holidays and work within a fun, dynamic environment

Senior Account Manager

To develop existing accounts and generate new business by identifying and closing qualified prospects of business solutions and services.

Sales Executive - Promotions

2 years previous product based selling experience within a B2B environment, managing the full sales lifecycle from cold call to close.

Why register with us?

  • We will offer unique opportunities tailored specifically to your needs
  • You will receive a highly consultative approach, utilising our valuable knowledge of the market place
  • 360 degree support advice when you need it
  • We will guarantee to find you your perfect job through our commitment to listening to you and our superb matching ability
  • 100% confidentiality.. we will never send your CV without your permission
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